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The Perfect Anti Candida Superfoods

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Sprouts (also called micro greens, or baby greens) are considered by many health experts as the perfect human superfoods, and have been consumed as medicine and food since ancient times across many cultures and healing systems around the world.

What are Sprouts?

Sprouting is the first growing phase of a plant from a seed into a young plant. During this phase, the nutrients that are locked in the seed are released in order to provide the energy needed for the young “baby” plant to crack the seed, and develop first roots and greens.

What does it mean for us? we all know seeds are nutritional powerhouses. Well, at least in theory. In their raw state, seeds are very hard to digest by the body due to anti-nutrients substances naturally present in them that preserve the seed. That’s the reason why people have issues digesting beans, legumes, or other seeds.
The sprouting process neutralize the anti-nutrients making the young plants (sprouts) very high in nutrients in a form that is easily assimilated by the human body.

Sprouts are Nutritional Powerhouses

Here is what unique about the nutrients found in sprouts:

  • easy to digest, high bioavailability
  • highly concentrated in amino acids, essential fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, fiber, chlorophyll and other phytonutrients
  • high quality complete protein (without the saturated fats or other negatives substances found in animal proteins)
  • unique nutrients that are not available or are too low in the mature plants, some nutrients in sprouts are up to 100 times higher compared to the fully mature plants
  • no need to eat big amounts to get the health benefits
  • gourmet look, taste and flavor
  • super fresh and potent – growing most sprouts usually take 5-10 days
  • See where you get your food from! you can easily grow sprouts in your kitchen at a very low cost all year round. This is especially beneficial during times where it is hard to get fresh produce.
When eaten raw, sprouts are also called “living” foods due to their high enzymes content. Enzymes are required in every chemical action within the body and are essential to life and good health. Today, however, most people are deficient in enzymes, which is linked to many health issues and premature aging. It can also prevent you from healing candida and yeast infections.

Health Benefits of Sprouts

When you have natural foods such as sprouts that are easily available, highly sustainable, yet hold such a great health promoting potential – this definitely makes the scientific community interested. In fact, the health benefits of sprouts have been extensively studied all around the world with very promising findings. As research suggests, certain foods such as sprouts, blue-green algae, among a few others, may have unique natural components in them that can help the body fight and prevent many degenerative diseases we have today. Some of these potential health benefits may include :

  • improve digestion and detoxification
  • increase enzymatic activity in the body
  • strong alkalizing effect
  • improve oxygen production
  • boost energy and mood
  • disease prevention
  • reduce blood pressure
  • improve cholesterol profile
  • improve immune system
  • strong anti-aging and cell regeneration

Can sprouts help with Candida and Yeast infections?

Having candida and yeast infections mean that the body can’t effectively eliminate and cleanse the excess yeast. It usually also mean that the body is lacking nutrients due to the the damage caused by the yeast overgrowth.
The great thing about sprouts is that they help the body address both issues: the digestion and toxins elimination, as well as providing the body with many needed nutrients, some are quite hard to get from other foods.

Adding sprouts to your diet can do more than helping your body to overcome candida…it may also bring your health to new heights! Many people report they have more energy and better mood in a matter of days after adding sprouts to their diet.

Which Sprouts are Best for Candida and Yeast Issues

With such a wonderful variety of choices that are easily available (you can always grow them in your own kitchen in 5-10  days) we encourage and recommend you to experiment…with that said, we got so many requests and questions on this topic, that we decided to share our team’s top 5:

#1 – Wheatgrass
Best for: anti-fungal, detox, energy & immune booster

wheatgrass candida

While most people drink wheatgrass juice like a “shot”, there’s a much better way that may increase its absorption dramatically – swish it in your mouth for 1-2 minutes, allowing it to mix with your saliva and only then swallow

Strong detoxifying & anti-fungal properties, one of the highest sources of chlorophyll in nature with a superior ability to alkalize and increase oxygen in the body, a very good source of overall vitamins & minerals. We believe Wheatgrass juice is a must in any candida program or when trying to overcome health issues.
How to consume:
Wheatgrass juice only (due to Wheatgrass high fiber content) on an empty stomach.
1-2 oz juice x 1-3 times a day on empty stomach. Start with 1 oz in the morning for a few days and work your way up if needed.
make it a staple in your diet, at least once a day everyday when you detox, first thing in the morning for a clean non jittery green energy, and also before your workout for increased oxygen production and performance.

#2 – Sunflower Sprouts
Best tasting & overall nutrients

sunflower sprouts meal candida

Sunflower seeds are considered one of nature’s most balanced food. Once sprouted, the nutrients content and bio-availability is boosted significantly. Together with their delicious taste, sunflower spouts should be a staple in everyone’s diet.

outstanding well balanced nutritional profile including high complete protein content, essential fatty acids and strong vitamins & minerals complex, making sunflower sprouts alone a perfect complete meal. Considered by many the best tasting of all sprouts.
How to consume:
salads, cold soups, juices and smoothies
start with 2-4 oz and enjoy your way up!
best tasting sprouts for salads, nutty flavor, one of the best tasting greens in general.
make it a staple in your diet, at least once a day when you detox with your salads, juices or smoothies.

#3 – Pea Shoots Sprouts
Best for “live” enzyme boosted green protein shake

pea shoots candida

Pea Shoots are one of the best plant sources of complete protein. In addition, they have strong anti inflammatory properties, are rich in antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals which make them not only perfect human food, but the perfect protein shake!

excellent nutritional profile including high complete protein content, enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins & minerals.
How to consume:
juices (preferred) and smoothies, salads, cold soups
start with 2-4 oz and enjoy your way up!
gentle pea taste
If you are currently using a milk or animal based protein shake, try replacing it with fresh pea shoots juice or smoothie for a month. You will feel the difference!

#4 – Broccoli Sprouts
Best for overall health, disease prevention & anti-aging

Broccoli sprouts meal candida

One delicious, super healthy & quick way to enjoy broccoli sprouts is to add a few drops of lemon,  himalayan salt and wrap them in a raw nori (a nutritional powerhouse by itself) sheet same way you wrap sushi.

well known for the disease healing & prevention properties including different types of cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure
How to consume:
salads or cold soups
start with 2-4 oz and enjoy your way up!
fresh & crunchy mild broccoli-radish like flavor
An amazing choice for an overall health booster tasty addition to your salads or cold soups.

#5 – Alfalfa Sprouts
Best overall sprouts

alfalfa sprouts bread candida

Alfalfa sprouts texture and mild taste make them extremely versatile, and a fantastic easy way to boost the nutritional value of your current meals. Just remember to keep them raw in order to keep the high nutrients content.

excellent nutritional profile including high complete protein content, wide array of health benefits, mild taste & texture
How to consume:
salads (preferred) or cold soups, juices and smoothies, sandwiches
start with 2-4 oz and enjoy your way up!
mild & crunchy.
Add alfalfa sprouts to all your non veggies dishes and foods and feel the difference.

One more Thing…

When buying sprouts make sure they are from a reliable source you trust, and that the store has high turnaround. Always check the expiration date. Fresh sprouts are usually either bright white (stay away from brown) or green. Stay away from yellow or “pale” wheatgrass.  As with any veggies of fruits, check for mold or other impurities.

When growing sprouts yourself buy organic seeds from a good source. The quality of the seeds determine the quality of your sprouts and also the yield. Surprisingly, there is almost no significant difference in the prices between high quality seeds to low quality ones…they are usually quite affordable and inexpensive.

Rotate your Sprouts like we also recommend with your greens, fruits and other foods – it is highly beneficial to eat high variety of foods to provide your body more nutrients, and avoid over-consuming the same nutrients.

Before eating  or juicing sprouts always rinse them well.


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