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The Happy Detox Chocolate Dream Recipe

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“Let’s Make Happy Chocolate That Makes People Happy & Healthy”
(This is how it all started)

dream detox chocolateWhen it comes to chocolate, it is a very simple story. Chocolate makes us happy, it tastes fantastic, and it has a very appealing aroma. It seems that everybody loves chocolate. But, can you enjoy good chocolate when you are trying to get rid of candida or in a middle of a cleanse? How about when you go a super low-carb diet trying to lose weight?

We have great news, the answer is yes, you can! Due to many of your requests (over 50% of all recipe requests, but who’s counting…) we are finally bringing you our famous Happy Detox Chocolate Dream exact step by step recipe!

What is So Unique About The Happy Detox Chocolate Dream Recipe?

This chocolate recipe is specifically designed to help your body naturally fight candida and excess yeast, as well as supporting natural cleansing and detoxification.

But this is just the beginning:
if you have ever experienced brain fog, mood swings, low mental energy and other mind-body balance die-off symptoms, this recipe may help to lift up your spirit, providing you non-jittery pure energy, mental clarity, focus, great mood and positive attitude!

And the great part – it is made of only natural healthy whole-foods, completely vegan, dairy & gluten free, it’s very low on carbs & sugars, doesn’t require a food processor, blending or cooking, and takes less than 10 min to make. Kids love it too.
It is also a nutritional powerhouse! one serving typically provides your body with:

  • As much protein as 2 cups of milk
  • More healthy Omega-3 than 4 oz Salmon
  • Over 50% of your fiber, magnesium, manganese, iron, phosphorus and zinc daily values 
  • Antioxidants, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and live enzymes 
Sounds like a happy dream, right? Well, that’s how it got its name 🙂

What People Say About Our Happy Detox Chocolate Dream Recipe

It took us quite some time with long and extensive testing to finalize this recipe. As you have probably noticed, we always ask for your feedback and suggestions…this is our chance to pause for a moment and thank you all for your fantastic feedback; it has helped us tremendously in perfecting the recipe.
To summarize all the feedback and testing results, most people report happiness, sense of well-being, and a positive attitude coupled with improved clarity, focus and concentration. Many have actually used the words “inspired”, “motivated” and “creative” to describe how they felt. In general, people felt they had more energy and desire to be more active. They got inspired to do things they love doing, while often finding creative new ways of doing them. As for the taste, everyone loves the flavor and texture. It literally melts in your mouth.

What Are The Possible Health Benefits of The Happy Detox Chocolate Dream Recipe

  • Mental energy, clarity, focus & concentration 
  • Happiness, Positive attitude & “lifted” mood
  • Powerful anti-fungal, antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties
  • Superior nutritional profile, very rich in  protein, healthy omega-3 fatty acids, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, live enzymes and antioxidants

The Right & Wrong Ways to Consume Chocolate

dream detox chocolateChocolate is made from the beans and seeds of the cacao tree and has been consumed for many centuries. In its natural unprocessed form it is a very good source of minerals, antioxidants, and other health promoting nutrients.
It is believed that the ancient Mayans were one of the first cultures who consumed chocolate, in a bitter drink made of crushed cacao beans, hot chili peppers, and water. Referred to as “food of the gods”, it was often consumed during ceremonies and celebrations as a way to lift the spirit up and sharpen the mind and senses.

Why Chocolate Got a Bad Rap

bad chocolate

Do you have a little sugar in your chocolate, or a little chocolate in your sugar ?

Most of the chocolate that is found at the stores these days (including health stores) has changed quite a bit from the original 2 ingredient drink made by the Mayans. Modern chocolate is a highly processed food, usually made with a high percentage of sugars, processed fats, artificial ingredients, and other chemicals making it a very unhealthy junk food. Many chocolate products have very little cacao in them and include large amount of dairy or milk derived by-products. According to research, dairy may inhibit the absorption of cacao’s healthy nutrients in the body, especially antioxidants and minerals (source).
Other alternatives that are labeled as low-carbs, typically use artificial sweeteners and synthetic chemicals that are linked to many health issues. In addition, most of them simply do not taste very good.
Lastly, there are the chocolates that are labeled as healthy – all natural – organic – raw and dairy free that usually contain more natural unprocessed cacao which is a good thing. The problem is usually with the amount of sugars…these natural chocolates are often very high in sugars such as honey, agave, maple syrup and others. All of these are indeed natural, but it is still highly questionable whether any of these chocolate products can be considered as a healthy source of nutrients.

The Best Way to Consume Our Happy Detox Chocolate Dream Recipe

Some of the naturally occurring ingredients found in cacao have a stimulant effect; it is best to enjoy this natural increase in mental energy at times when you feel down (but not sick!), have brain fog, need a little mental boost, or would like to increase your clarity, inspiration, focus or concentration. Good examples are before social events, speeches, tests, when making art, writing, playing music and others; just like the ancient Mayans !
An ideal way to consume the Happy Detox Chocolate Dream Recipe is as a snack on an empty stomach, away from other foods.

  •  Tip: Our Happy Detox Chocolate Dream Recipe is in fact a complete meal that is very healthy, potent and packed with super healthy nutrients. This recipe is very potent, little goes a long way ! Watch for the serving size and start with half a serving to see how you feel. To optimize the absorption and the effect, chew well, let it melt in your mouth turning it into a liquid consistency before swallowing 

The Exact Happy Detox Chocolate Dream Recipe

Working with Coconut Oil & Coconut Butter

dream detox chocolateCoconut oil and coconut butter naturally solidify below 75 degrees Fahrenheit (25°C).
When making this recipe, it is much easier to work with both when they are in their liquid state which normally happens in room temperature during summer times.
If they are still solid, put their container inside a bowl with warm water (a little above 75 degrees Fahrenheit) for a few minutes. Heating them on the stove is not needed and also not recommended since we want to keep all their nutrients intact and “live”.

Ingredients – The Happy Detox Chocolate Dream Recipe – The exact recipe
2-4 Servings

dream detox chocolateIMPORTANT: The ingredients in this section are specifically designed to work in synergy with each other and should always be included as a part of the recipe to ensure you enjoy the amazing experience and its many health promoting properties.
It is the “core” of the recipe and the primary source of nutrients and detoxification benefits.
Candida Specialists Team
The optional ingredients in the next section are designed to enhance the flavor and your experience per your individual preference.
We included all our comments in purple about the benefits of each ingredient and the reason they are included.
Let’s make the dream come true, shall we ?

  • Cacao Powder (¼ cup, choose raw organic & stone ground) 
    • mental energy and mood enhancer, high in minerals and fiber, strong antioxidant, with the flavor & aroma we all love! 
  • Coconut Oil (¼ cup, choose extra virgin cold pressed raw & organic)
    • anti-fungal, brain food, energy, sweet exotic aroma
  • Coconut Butter (1-4 tablespoons, choose raw & organic)
    • in addition to the anti-fungal, brain and energy benefits of coconut oil, coconut butter also has the other nutrients found in whole coconuts such as fiber, protein, healthy fats and minerals
    • adds buttery & creamy texture, with  strong coconut aroma & flavor (much stronger than the coconut oil). The secret is adding just enough coconut butter to compliment and “enrich” the chocolate flavor but not too much as it can overtake the chocolate flavor
    • make sure it is 100% pure organic, raw (heating can alter the fatty acids composition and nutrients) and that nothing but coconut is added. Our favorite brand is  Sacred Foods coconut butter which is raw, organic and also stone-ground. The stone-ground process preserves the nutrients and provides a very smooth texture with a very sweet taste. It is much sweeter than any other coconut butter products we have tested, which is one of the keys in making a great chocolate a “true culinary experience”. It is also very helpful in satisfying craving for sweets in a safe and healthy way.  
  •  BrainON (1-4 teaspoons) learn more about BrainON
    • brings the power of green superfoods to this recipe
    • one of nature’s most powerful mind-body, brain & mood boosting whole-foods, as well as the highest known source of chlorophyll in nature. 
    • superior nutritional profile with over 65 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, live enzymes, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, all in a form that is easily utilized by the body
  •  Hemp Seeds (2-4 oz)
    • very good source of protein, healthy omega 3, vitamins and minerals
    • adds pleasant nutty flavor & fluffy texture
  •  Stevia (to taste) 
    • natural plant based sweetener that has minimal impact on blood sugar. Typical serving size has no calories or carbs
    • tip: little goes a long way ! if you find yourself adding more than 2-4 teaspoons of stevia and still not satisfied with the sweetness, consider experimenting with the Himalayan pink salt, since salt brings out other flavors

Optional Ingredients for Enhanced Flavor & Experience
optional – but super fun & highly recommended!

  • Ground Cayenne or ground hot chilies (to taste) 
    • detox, circulation, strong anti-inflammatory, makes other ingredients work better
  • Vanilla bean powder (1-4 teaspoons)
    • brings the sweet chocolate flavor over the dark “bitter” cacao flavor. If you prefer milk chocolate “sweet” flavor, you should consider adding the vanilla bean powder
  • Mesquite powder (1-2 tablespoons, choose raw organic)
    • adds the sweet nutty – caramel natural flavor of this famous plant. A perfect fit for milk chocolate lovers, low impact on blood sugar levels & glycemic index
  • Ground Cinnamon (to taste)
    • anti-fungal, blood sugar stabilizer, with unique flavor & aroma many like
  •  Himalayan pink salt (to taste) 
    • natural healthy salt, rich in traces minerals, gourmet flavor, brings out other flavors
  • Cacao Nibs (1 oz, choose raw & organic)
    • for enhanced nutrients and extra crunchiness many like. The cacao powder is actually made from the cacao nibs


  • Mix the coconut oil with the BrainON in a round glass bowl; These mix easily using a spoon. Add the cacao powder, mix & whisk. Once they are mixed, add the hemp seeds and whisk well until the hemp seeds are evenly mixed.
  • Gradually add the coconut butter until you reach the desire texture and “creamy buttery” flavor. The coconut butter adds richness to the flavor and thickens the texture
    • In our testing, most people preferred the “chunky” texture that was made by hand without using a blender or a food processor. If you prefer a complete smoother consistency, you can use these at the lowest speed (should not take more than 10 seconds).
  • Taste and add the stevia and the other optional ingredients of your choice until you get the desired taste and texture 
    • Reminder: salt brings out flavors. If you find yourself adding more than 2-4 teaspoons of stevia and still not satisfied with the sweetness, consider experimenting with the Himalayan pink salt.
    • If you choose to add the ground cayenne or hot chilies, remember that a little kick is all it takes to activate their effect.
  • Pour into chocolate molds and put into the fridge, your amazing chocolate will be ready to eat in 1-3 hours ! 
    • Tip: many people like to add an extra 1 oz hemp seeds and cacao nibs into the chocolate molds before pouring the chocolate, so they appear in the outside of your chocolate, creating another layer of flavor and crunchiness as well as boosting the nutrients further.

About Variation & Live Food

This is a “live” raw whole-foods natural recipe, and as such, your experience (taste & feel) may differ per the source of the ingredients. One example is the source of the cacao; the cacao variety, the way it was grown, its location, time of the year it was harvested, its freshness and many other factors can impact its nutrients content. It can also affect the flavor, the way it makes you feel, and also the quantities used. For this reason, when making the recipe, it is important to adjust accordingly so you will have the best happy experience.

Congrats ! You just made your own unique Happy Detox Chocolate Dream ! 


  •  Did you just make the best happy detox chocolate ever ?
    Share your masterpiece with the world and comment
TOP COMMENTS & FEEDBACK – Thank you all !!!!
  • “Put in freezer instead of refrigerator”
  • “Great before workouts”
    (energy & mind-muscle connection)
  • “Use fresh BrainON instead of powder”
    (fresh taste and faster effect)
  • “Use mesquite powder”
    (adds sweet caramel flavor, kids love it)
  • “Add cacao nibs”
    (for extra crunchiness)
  • “Replaced my morning coffee, gave me energy, focus and good mood all day without crash, and also reduced my cravings” 
Share your comments or suggestions

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