liver cleansing juice

Liver cleansing juice: Best recipe with liver cleansing foods & herbs

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Liver cleansing juice

Liver cleansing juice beet carrotThis liver cleansing juice was developed as an easy liver detox recipe that can help support good liver and gallbladder health and fatty liver detox. The recipe was specifically developed to fit most cleanses or detox plans. For this reason, it is also low in carbs, making it a very good option for candida diet, liver detox juice fast or other plans where you are required to limit your carbs.
This liver cleanse juice is also an excellent option as a part of a liver detox recipe for weight loss.

Liver cleanse juice recipe

For best results, and to allow an all natural organic liver cleanse, try to use as much organic ingredients as possible.

Liver cleansing juice Ingredients:

  • Red beet root: beetroot is a rich source of a specific class of antioxidants known as betalains. According to research, beetroot may have a protective effect against oxidative damage to the liver (1). Other studies have suggested that beetroot may also reduce blood pressure, inflammation, and promote healthy circulation and blood flow (2). Beet juice brings a sweet earthy flavor to the juice, including the dark red attractive color.
  • Celery: celery is a very popular ingredient in many juices and cleansing recipes, and has an excellent electrolytes and mineral profile. When it comes to the benefits of celery to the liver cleanse juice, celery was found by research to be beneficial for decreasing the elevation of liver enzymes (aspartate aminotransferase AST, alanine aminotransferase ALT, and alkaline phosphatase ALP) and blood lipids (3).
  • Ginger root: ginger is an excellent digestive aid with many health benefits. Studies have suggested that ginger can improve certain liver enzymes profile and other nonalcoholic fatty liver disease characteristics (4). Ginger brings a very distinct spicy flavor to the juice. If you enjoy the ginger taste, feel free to add another ½ inch of ginger root.
  • Carrots: according to research, Retinoic acid, the biologically active form of vitamin A found in carrots may be beneficial in protecting the liver (5). Other studies suggested that carrot juice may improve certain liver functions related to Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (6). Carrots juicing adds sweetness to the liver cleanse juice.
  • Lemon juice: lemon juice is a very known cleansing and detoxification ingredient that is included in most liver detox lemon juice recipes. When it comes to a liver cleanse juice, lemon juice was suggested by research to have a protective effect on the liver by reducing the levels of serum ALT and AST liver enzymes as well as triacylglycerol and lipid peroxidation in the liver (7). Adding the lemon juice is a very good way to balance the flavor of this liver cleansing juice, especially the beetroot and celery.
  • Liver cleansing herbs: Liver cleansing herbs such as milk thistle, dandelion root, chanca piedra and borotutu tree bark are widely used to help the liver and gallbladder detoxify and cleanse accumulated toxins, as well as to soften and break down stones. Adding liver cleansing herbs to the liver cleansing juice is one of the best ways to boost its effect. When adding liver cleansing herbs to your liver cleanse juice, the preference is to use alcohol free liquid herbal extracts tinctures. These usually mix very well with the drink and absorb better in the body. A good example that we often use in our liver cleanse protocol is Dr. Group LivaTrex.

How to make the liver cleanse juice


  • 4 celery stalks.
  • ½ lemon.
  • ½ inch of ginger root.
  • 3 medium carrots or 1 large red beet root. Alternating between the beetroot and the carrots is a great way to keep the taste interesting and provide different nutrients to your body. The beetroot may be a better option before your workout. According to research, drinking beetroot may help to improve endurance related exercise (8).


  • Juice all ingredients.
  • Mix 1 full dropper of LivaTrex and drink immediately.
  • This liver cleanse juice should be consumed on an empty stomach at least 2 hours before or after meals.

Liver cleanse juice: Additional Comments

Here are some of the key comments and suggestions made by our testing team:

  • Oranges: Add a few drops of fresh squeezed orange juice just before drinking the juice. Many of our testers found this to complement the overall flavor of the liver cleansing juice.
  • Spinach: Juicing 1 -2 cups of baby spinach adds a pleasant mild sweet flavor and boosted the nutritional content of the liver cleanse drink.
  • Cinnamon: If you are a Cinnamon fan, you may find adding it to the liver cleansing juice beneficial, especially to complement the earthy taste of the beetroot. Here’s another reason to include Cinnamon as a part of this recipe: according to research, consuming 1.5 grams of cinnamon daily may be effective in improving NAFLD characteristics (9).

Do you have any suggestion? please share your liver cleanse juicing experience and comment!

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  1. I make beet kvass. Would I be able to make it with all these ingredients? Would the fermentation make the whole recipe more nutritious?

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