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Heavy Metal Toxicity & Candida Overgrowth – Facts you Must Know

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Heavy Metal Toxicity, Story In A Nutshell:

  • Toxic heavy metals can cause or contribute to common health issues many people experience.
  • Examples: candida overgrowth, chronic fatigue, pain, brain fog, and others.
  • Other more severe symptoms can develop overtime.
  • Treatment options are not always effective or safe. Research is lacking.

Safe & effective natural options usually designed to help the body to naturally eliminate the toxic heavy metals at a pace the body can safely handle.

An example of a natural protocol we have found to be the most safe & effective is covered in this post.
(See Protocol Summary), with the following steps:

  1. Oxygen Colon Cleanse.
  2. Heavy Metal Cleanse.
  3. Organ Support.

Essential heavy metals vs. toxic heavy metals

It is normal to find heavy metals in the body. Heavy metals such as iron and zinc promote good health and support many body functions, while others such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury are very toxic and can cause or contribute to many health problems.

The problem with toxic heavy metals starts when they accumulate in the body to a point they damage the body. The body is not designed and in many cases can’t eliminate these toxic metals effectively. What this means is that without specific heavy metal detox treatment, these toxic metals will stay in your body and keep creating problems.
Heavy metal toxicity has become very common due to frequent usage of heavy metals in our daily life which increases our exposure to heavy metals. From cookware, environmental pollution, or medical procedures that use toxic metals such as mercury fillings, toxic heavy metals can be found everywhere.

Do You Have Heavy Metal Toxicity Symptoms ?

Toxic heavy metals are shown by research to disrupt normal cellular function and as such, they can cause a wide variety of health issues and symptoms.
Below you will find the most common heavy metal toxicity symptoms and contributing factors that are considered by many health experts as the “classic” warning signs of heavy metals toxicity:

Memory loss.
Speech, hearing or vision issues.
Inability to concentrate, brain fog.
Loss of coordination.
Candida or yeast infections issues.
Digestive problems.
Chronic inflammation and pain.
Unusual mineral deficiencies.
Chronic fatigue.
Fertility problems.

Contributing factors:
Known exposure to heavy metals or chemicals *
Amalgam (Mercury) fillings history.
High fish consumption, especially large ones.

If you have two or more of these toxic metals symptoms, you may have heavy metal toxicity. We strongly recommend to share this information with your health provider and get further tested, as heavy metal toxicity can be the root cause of many health conditions. Pay close attention to the contributing factors, especially when they come with these symptoms. In many cases, these contributing factors are the reason behind the heavy metals toxicity.

Next we’ll cover the recommended heavy metal detox protocol including critical steps that must be present in any heavy metal cleanse. We will also discuss the connection to candida overgrowth which is an area of confusion by many.
* If you suspect that you may have exposed to toxic heavy metals due to your occupation, you may find the information in the department of labor’s OSHA (occupational safety and health administration) website useful.

Heavy Metal Toxicity & Candida Overgrowth

There is a growing number of evidence that links between toxic heavy metals and candida overgrowth. While this connection needs to be further studied in order to understand it better, many health experts believe toxic heavy metals contribute to candida overgrowth and yeast infections due to the following reasons:

Toxic heavy metals disrupt the gut flora

In a healthy state, the good bacteria in the gut limits candida from overgrowing. Toxic heavy metals can damage the healthy bacteria in the gut and disturb the good bacteria – candida balance; with less good bacteria to control candida growth, candida as an opportunistic organisms changes into a more aggressive fungal form that spreads and releases over 80 different toxins. These toxins can get anywhere in the body, suppress the immune system and cause a wide variety of health issues and yeast infections all over the body.

Candida can bind to heavy metals

Some evidence suggests that candida and other yeasts can bind to certain toxic heavy metals and prevents them from entering the bloodstream (source 1, source 2). This ability of candida protects the body but may also cause candida to overgrow which leads to yeast infection issues in the body.

The bottom line

Heavy metal toxicity can prevent the body from healing candida overgrowth and in many cases can make the yeast infections become worse.
If you have candida overgrowth and toxic heavy metals issues, the heavy metal toxicity should be treated as well as the candida overgrowth.
In our practice, we see many cases of patients with a long history of “stubborn” candida overgrowth and yeast infections that couldn’t be healed. Only when the heavy metal toxicity problem was addressed, the candida overgrowth became easier to manage. This is very common in people that have mercury fillings or a known exposure to mercury.

Heavy Metal Detox Protocol

The most important thing to remember when dealing with heavy metal toxicity issues, is that certain heavy metals are extremely toxic. If they are released to the circulation too quickly during the treatment, the body may not be able to effectively remove all of them. When this happens, the levels of toxins in the bloodstream may increase dramatically which can lead to many side effects, serious health issues and even damage to internal organs.

The 3-step protocol below is designed to help your body eliminate the heavy metals at a pace your body can safely handle. This way, you are able to reduce the levels of heavy metals and other toxins in your body while avoiding overload of toxins. Special attention was given in this protocol to ensure the released heavy metals are being removed from the body as quickly as possible and are not reabsorbed into the bloodstream.
Most people start to notice improvements in their symptoms during the first 2-3 weeks.

Step 1 – Oxygen Colon Cleanse
Objective: Preparing your body for the released heavy metals

Oxygen Colon Cleanse
Oxygen colon cleanse
(Oxy-Powder) releases oxygen in the colon to neutralize and flush out toxins and waste buildup from the colon. The colon is the primary organ in the body responsible for removing toxins from the body. If there is stored waste buildup, or if the colon is congested or constipated, the release heavy metals may circulate longer in your system or even reabsorbed into the bloodstream.

This is the main reason so many people experience issues during the heavy metal cleanse; it just takes the body too much time to eliminate the released heavy metals. We see a lot of cases where the level of discomfort is so severe, that the heavy metal cleanse has to be stopped, and further recovery protocol is needed.

This is especially important for people with candida and yeast issues, since the majority of the candida overgrowth occurs in the colon, and directly impact its normal functions.

For this reason, a colon cleanse should always be performed before the actual heavy metal cleanse.

Step 2 – Heavy Metal Cleanse
Objective: Removing heavy metals from the body

Heavy Metal Cleanse
is our recommended choice for the heavy metal cleanse. Its formula is completely natural and has shown to be both safe and effective, gentle enough even for highly sensitive people with severe candida overgrowth and other health issues.
Zeotrex works by using a combination of natural organic herbs extracts and minerals such as zeolites, shilajit, Nascent iodine (detoxified iodine), cilantro and alfalfa that are widely known for their natural heavy metal and toxins removal properties.

Zeotrex formula is specifically designed to cover this entire heavy metal removal process. Its high safety profile makes it a great fit for a wide range of health issues, which is one of the main reasons it has been a part of our protocol for a very long time.

Zeotrex heavy metal removal process:

  1. Releases accumulated heavy metals:
    releases heavy metals and toxins trapped inside the cells.
  2. Binds to released heavy metals:
    once the heavy metals are released, the ingredients in zeotrex bind to them so they can be removed from the body through normal bowel movements and urine, making sure they are not reabsorbing into the bloodstream.
  3. Enhances intestinal system function:
    helps the body to expel the released heavy metals and toxins quicker.
  4. Restores key nutrients & minerals 
    for further detoxification support.

Most people report a significant increase in energy and clarity during the first 2-3 weeks, improved digestion, better mood with other heavy metal toxicity symptoms starting to fade away. We see many cases of patients with a long history of candida overgrowth and yeast infections that became easier to manage as well.

You should use Zeotrex for 30 days followed by a 10 day break. During this time, you should evaluate the improvements made and issues that are still present. If you still have health concerns after the 10 days break, repeat the process until all related issues are resolved and as long as you see consistent improvements.

One important comment about the dosage – Zeotrex formula is using the Spagyrex™ technology that preserves the freshness of the herbal extracts used and enhances their potency, so always start with the lowest dosage and asses how your body responds. Gradually increase the dosage if needed. Some people get great results with very small dosage.

Step 3 – Organ Support
Objective: Protecting internal organs from free radical damage

Toxic Heavy metals can elevate the production of free radicals in the body to extreme dangerous levels which the body is not designed to handle. This is one of the main concerns of heavy metal toxicity; research has clearly demonstrated that high levels of free radicals are linked to serious health conditions, cells and internal organs damage.

For this reason, most health practitioners recommend taking antioxidants supplements as a part of the heavy metal cleanse. It is much easier to prevent the damage, than treating a condition once developed. When taking antioxidants, the recommendation is to only use natural antioxidants extracts that are well studied and researched, and that are potent enough to support very high levels of free radicals; a good example can be found here.
We should note that many medical professionals actually take antioxidants themselves every day due to the strong science on their disease prevention and anti-aging benefits.

For special concerns regarding liver or gallbladder toxicity, liver cleansing herbs such as milk thistle, dandelion root, and chanca piedra are widely used to help the liver detoxify the high level of toxins during the treatment.

Additional Considerations

  • Many people that have been using infrared based japanese detox foot pads during the 10 days of zeotrex break, noticed more improvements during the break, especially in sleep quality, clarity, concentration, energy levels and circulation. In a lot of these cases, they were actually able to see the released toxins absorbed into the pads in the morning.
  • Toxic heavy metals are known to deplete minerals levels in the body and can lead to many deficiencies. For this reason, it is highly recommended to get tested to make sure your minerals and also vitamins levels are within the normal range. The concern is that overtime, certain deficiencies such as vitamin B12 or vitamin D can cause serious health complications that can’t be reversed and may even become permanent.
    Most of the needed vitamins and minerals can be easily obtained from foods that are also allowed on the candida diet. The complete list of the recommended foods for key vitamins and minerals is available here.
  • Finding the root cause of your heavy metal toxicity is essential. If the source of the heavy metals exposure is not identified, you may continue to get more exposure to these toxins and will never completely heal. Common examples are Amalgam (Mercury) fillings, frequent consumption of large fish that are high in mercury, and ongoing exposure to heavy metals, chemicals or heavy pollution due to work. These factors should be minimized or avoided as much as possible, as in many cases, they are the root cause of the heavy metal problem.
  • The diet during the heavy metal cleanse should minimize the potential toxic heavy metal exposure from foods as much as possible. Fish and other seafood should be avoided during the heavy metal cleanse. After the treatment is done, choose smaller fish from pure places that known to have lower mercury content. Wild Alaskan Sockeye salmon is a great example.
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