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Candida In NYC Experts Guide: Symptoms, Fast Relief, Doctors

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Candida, candidiasis and yeast infection treatment usually takes more than just a visit to your doctor, gynecologist, or candida specialist. In order for the treatment to be effective, the root cause must be clearly identified, as the needed treatment may be completely different. Treating the symptoms locally without addressing the cause of the yeast infection is the main cause of chronic yeast infections. This is very common.

In this experts guide:

1. Candida Physicians – What To Expect

Candida physicians usually rely on multiple factors to test for candida overgrowth and yeast infection issues. (source). These candida tests include:

  • Existing candida and yeast infection symptoms.
  • Medical history of the patient.
  • Physical examination at the physician office or clinic.
  • Laboratory tests such as candida stool test, saliva test (not the spit test!), blood test, urine test, candida antibodies test, skin test, vaginal discharge test, and others.

The existence of multiple candida overgrowth and yeast infection symptoms along with risks factors are usually good indications to start the treatment for candida overgrowth.

2. Candida Symptoms To Share With Your Doctor

Candida overgrowth occurs when the balance between candida yeast and the good bacteria in the body is being disturbed. Candida changes into a more aggressive fungal form that spreads and can cause a wide variety of health issues all over the body.

The symptoms of candida overgrowth usually affect multiple parts of the body, both internal and external.

Candida Symptoms Specific to NYC

In our practice, we have seen symptoms that their incidence is higher in New York compared to other cities. Especially:

  • Sensitivity to indoor mold.
  • Can’t breath in subway.
  • Asthma and respiratory system issues.
  • Sensitivity to chemicals.

It is very important to share all the symptoms you may have with your doctor, as the treatment you may need can be completely different.

Internal Candida Symptoms

Affected AreasCommon Symptoms
How you feel:Headache, brain fog, dizziness, increased sweating, fever, craving for sweets, mood swings or low mood.
Pain:Increased joint or muscle pain, systemic or chronic inflammation, muscle aches and overall stiffness.
Overall health:A weakened immune system, constantly sick, hormone imbalance.
Energy levels:Chronic fatigue, feeling constantly tired, exhaustion, adrenal fatigue.
Digestive:Intestinal distress and digestive issues:
indigestion, bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea, nausea, acid reflux, mucus and candida in stool.
Allergies:Allergies and food sensitivities, leaky gut syndrome.
Respiratory:Sinus infections, sinus drainage, asthma.

External Candida Symptoms

Affected AreasCommon Symptoms
Skin & Nails:Skin breakouts, acne, skin and nails fungal infections, itchy skin, candida rash, yeast rash.
Mouth:Oral thrush, coated tongue, bleeding gums, cracked tongue.
Women:Vaginal yeast infections, recurring yeast infections in 50% of the cases (source).
Men:Male yeast infection, low libido.
Additional symptoms:Body odor, itchiness all over body including itchy eyes, ears, nose.

When Fast Relief Is Needed

1. Topical yeast infection creams

Topical yeast infection creams do not always work. The reason is simple. When you have yeast infection on skin, your skin is already irritated. Applying a cream on the infection, even natural one, can cause more irritation. This also applies for vaginal yeast infection, yeast infection in mouth, and other areas in the body.

For this reason, we always advise to pay extra attention when trying new creams for yeast infection. Safety comes first.

Ozonated olive oil:
One natural remedy, that we have had an excellent success with, in treating yeast infection on skin, oral thrush, vaginal yeast infection, male yeast infection and other fungal infection on skin and nails, is Ozonated olive oil. What makes it such a good fit for yeast infections, is that Ozonated olive oil has a unique ability to reduce the yeast infection on one hand, while helping to soothe skin irritation and accelerate wound healing at the same time. Ozonated olive oil is also backed up by science as a safe and natural effective alternative in these cases.

To learn more about remedies for yeast infections you can try at home, see: home remedies for yeast infection.

2. Natural Candida Cleanse

The overnight toxins flush uses natural ingredients such as lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and oxygen colon cleanser to remove candida yeast toxins and accumulated waste from your body.

Candida Doctors In NYC

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