Candida Die-Off Symptoms: Self Assessment Tool

Candida Self Assessment Tool

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Candida Die-Off Symptoms: common symptoms include flu-like symptoms, existing symptoms that become worse or new symptoms (see list of common symptoms below). This 5 minutes self test is designed to:
  • Compare your symptoms against common candida die off symptoms
  • Calculate your estimated candida toxicity levels
  • Recommend next steps you can safely do to: prevent, manage, alleviate and relieve.

To see the complete experts guide of candida die off symptoms: complete guide.

Select the symptoms you are experiencing:
Headache, migraine
Brain fog and other mind-balance issues such as difficulties to concentrate, mental confusion
Diarrhea or digestion issues such as bloating, gas, stomach pain
Nervousness mood swings, depression and anxiety
Elevated heart rate
Excessive sweating
Rash, itching, itchy skin, fungal infection, skin infection, breakouts and other skin issues 
Swollen glands
Increased heartburn, and acid reflux issues
Lack of appetite or uncontrolled cravings to certain foods, especially cravings for sweets
Food sensitivities
Sore throat, dry mouth 
Breathing issues, congestion, sinus or respiratory problems
Body odor
Fever, flu like symptoms
Muscle, joint, body pain

How strong are your symptoms?

Easy to manage
Mild discomfort

If you need further assistance regarding your test score, we are here to help!
Please include in your message your test score and any special concerns you may have.
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Managing Die Off Symptoms : Overnight Candida Toxins Flush

Ideal For: Constipation, mood swings, fatigue, bloating, gas, body odor, flu like symptoms, headache, strong die off symptoms

The colon is the primary organ in the body responsible for removing toxins from the body through normal bowel movements. For this reason, making sure your colon is cleansed so it can quickly eliminate the dying candida and its toxins is the most important step when treating candida and candida die off symptoms, especially since the majority of the candida overgrowth occurs in the colon.

The Flush Recipe

One of the most effective natural remedies for die off symptoms, that quickly and safely removes toxins from your colon as you sleep:

  • Squeeze the juice of ½ organic lemon.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar and the lemon juice into 16 ounces of distilled water.
  • Drink before bedtime with 4-8 capsules of oxy-powder on an empty stomach away from any foods or other supplements. Oxy-powder releases oxygen in the colon to detoxify and loosen toxins, undigested food particles and waste buildup so they can be flushed out naturally by the body.

What To Expect

  • Expect the next day to have a series of bowel movements with many of the toxins being eliminated.
  • Most people feel a significant relief when these toxins are being flushed out.
  • If you have never taken oxy-powder before, start with 2 capsules and gradually increase if needed.

Learn more about oxy-powder.

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