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Candida In Stool : What Does Yeast In Stool Mean?

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Candida in stool, yeast in stool and more specifically: seeing dead candida or yeast in stool makes many people alarmed.
Passing candida yeast in stool however, is very common during the candida treatment.

Based on the many questions we get on this topic, we realized that seeing candida yeast in stool can make people feel very uncomfortable and confused. The purpose of this expert guide is to shed more light and clarity on this topic.

In This Guide

Is Candida In Stool A Die Off Symptom

Candida or yeast in stool die off makes many people feel very uncomfortable. It may get graphic. It is not pretty. This is the point where you finally see it. The candida yeast coming out of you.

Passing dead candida or yeast in stool during the candida treatment however, is very common.
When candida starts to die during the treatment, it is being eliminated throughout normal bowel movements.

For the complete list of die of symptoms, see: candida die off symptoms.

What Does Yeast In Stool Mean?

Many people that followed our oxygen colon cleanse protocol reported passing yeast and dead candida in stool. In some cases with mucus and other dead parasites. Yikes!
While this may not look very pretty, this is usually the point where people start to feel better.

Think about it this way; as disturbing as candida may look like when it comes out of you, it is still much better to have the dead candida yeast in the toilet rather than inside your body.

What Does Candida Look Like In Stool

Candida in stool usually look like white, yellow or light brown stringy threads, with or without a frothy foamy appearance.
If you find yourself spending your time looking at different pictures and comparing them with your stool, something to consider. Candida or yeast in stool don’t always look the same. The foods you eat along with many other factors can make it look different.

In any case, the way candida look like in your stool should not be used to diagnose candida overgrowth issues, or determine the candida treatment you may need.

When to see your doctor:

  • Candida or yeast in stool for more than 2 weeks.
  • Difficulties in maintaining your normal day to day activities.
  • You find yourself thinking about this all day, or experience high levels of stress and anxiety.
  • The yeast in stool impacts your quality of life.

Candida In Stool Treatment

Sometimes you may see candida yeast in stool without doing anything specific or starting the candida treatment.
This may indicate that your body is trying to cleanse and detox the excess candida yeast.
If this has been going for over 2 weeks, we highly suggest that you should consult with your doctor, especially if other symptoms are present.

You can also try our natural candida protocol:
Please note that the order of these steps matter.

  1. Find the cause: find out what may cause excess candida yeast in your body.
    Certain medication, antibiotics, high sugar diet and chronic stress are common causes of candida overgrowth.
    To check if the top causes of candida overgrowth apply to you: top causes of candida overgrowth.
  2. Oxygen colon cleanse (Oxy-Powder) releases oxygen in the colon to detoxify and loosen toxins, undigested food particles and waste buildup so they can be flushed out naturally by the body throughout normal bowel movements.
    This can help the body to naturally eliminate the dead candida yeast and its released toxins quicker.
    To learn more, see: oxygen colon cleanse.
  3. Look for other candida symptoms you may have. This can help finding the root cause of the excess candida yeast issue.
    This is very important, as it can help your doctor to connect the dots and suggest the exact yeast infection treatment you need.
    You want to treat the cause, not the symptoms.
    Common examples: vaginal yeast infections, yeast on skin, oral thrush.
    To learn more, see candida symptoms checker.

If you feel that you may have candida overgrowth or excess yeast issue in your body, see: natural candida cleanse.

Candida Stool Test

Candida stool test looks for the presence of candida albicans in stool. A positive candida stool test doesn’t always mean that you have a candida overgrowth. One of the reasons for this is that it is normal to find candida in the body.
What is more important is the way your body responds to the levels of candida. This can change between one person to anther.

For this reason, healthcare professionals usually rely on multiple factors to test for candida overgrowth (source). These candida tests include:

  • Existing candida and yeast infection symptoms.
  • Medical history of the patient.
  • Physical examination.
  • Laboratory tests such as candida stool test, saliva test (not the spit test!), blood test, urine test, candida antibodies test, skin test, vaginal discharge test, and others.

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