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C. Albicans Test: Do You Have a Candida Albicans Infection Overgrowth?

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  • C. albicans and candida albicans lesson is taken from our Life Changing Lessons series

It is believed by many health experts that in north America 7 out of 10 people suffer from yeast and candida overgrowth issues. Most of the yeast infections are caused by a strand of yeast called Candida Albicans or C. albicans.

A very important part of any c. albicans treatment is to understand what is c. albicans and how it can affect your health. Becoming aware of common signs and causes of c. albicans and whether they are related to your current symptoms and medical history is a critical, as the needed treatment you need might be completely different.

To help you find out if you have a candida albicans infection, this experts guide covers the basic facts you need to know about candida albicans along with a self test you can do at home.

Table of Content
  • 1  What is candida albicans?
  • 2  What is the cause of Candida albicans?
  • 3  C. albicans symptoms
  • 4  C. albicans infection self test
  • 5  C. albicans treatment

C. Albicans and Candida Albicans

What is candida albicans?

Candida Albicans or c. albicans is a naturally occurring yeast-like fungi found in small amounts in the digestive system, gut, mouth, vagina and skin. Among the species of candida that can be found in humans, Candida Albicans or c. albicans is the most common one. (source)

Normally the growth of c. albicans is being controlled by the good bacteria in our body. When the balance between c. albicans and the good bacteria is being disturbed however, Candida albicans as an opportunistic fungus changes into a more aggressive fungal form that spreads and releases over 80 different toxins. Candida albicans by products and toxins can get anywhere in the body, suppress the immune system and cause a wide variety of health issues and yeast infection symptoms all over the body. This condition of the overgrowth of c. albicans in the body is also known as Candidiasis, candida overgrowth or candida albicans overgrowth.

  • IMPORTANT: if you are currently trying to treat your candida albicans and yeast issues and notice worsening in your symptoms, you may have a healing crises from the dying candida and its released toxins. To help manage and minimize these discomforts, we highly recommend you should read our experts guide for:
    candida die-off symptoms.

What is The Cause of Candida Albicans?

The main cause of Candida albicans infection is a systemic candida albicans overgrowth in the body. The excess candida yeast overgrowth usually cause multiple yeast infection symptoms in different parts of the body.
The top causes of the Candida albicans overgrowth are antibiotics or medication that reduce the levels of good bacteria in the body, blood sugar issues, diet high in sugars, processed foods or that is not suitable for your body and other unhealthy lifestyle choices that can stress the body and lower the immune system function.

People with low or compromised immune system may be at a higher risk of getting candida albicans infections.
C. albicans is an opportunistic pathogen which may thrive in these cases where the immune system isn’t strong enough to limit its growth. (source)

C. Albicans Symptoms

Candida albicans symptoms Overview

C. albicans symptoms can appear anywhere in the body. For this reason, it is very important to identify all the symptoms of candida albicans, as they may help uncover the root cause of the c albicans infection and overgrowth. Since the root cause may differ from one person to another, the needed c albicans treatment may be completely different as well.

Candida albicans symptoms may include:

Candida Albicans Overgrowth Test

Are your symptoms related to candida albicans infections or overgrowth?

candida albicans and c. albicans infection testThis c. albicans overgrowth test was specifically developed to help you identify if your symptoms and medical history might be related to candida albicans and yeast overgrowth.
We start with the most common signs of c. albicans, and continue with more detailed symptoms based on your individual findings.

Becoming aware of all these symptoms and how they are all related are the keys to the complete candida albicans cure. It is very important to identify and address the root cause of your issues rather than treating individual symptoms.

Start the Test

C. Albicans Treatment

Candida Albicans Treatment – Overview

The C. Albicans treatment typically work by creating an environment in the body where the candida yeast can’t overgrow, while optimizing the body’s ability to heal the damage caused by the infection.

before starting the c albicans treatment – Identify the candida albicans causes
  • Avoid chronic yeast infection issues

The most important step before starting the c albicans treatment is to identify the cause of the candida albicans overgrowth. Since the candida albicans causes may be different from one person to another, the needed treatment can be completely different as well. This is the main reason why many yeast infection treatment plans fail, as they are based on the assumption that the same treatment should work for all cases of yeast infections.
The one plan fits all simply doesn’t work and can cause candida albicans symptoms to keep coming back or get worse as the candida albicans infection evolves when left untreated.

c albicans treatment

Candida albicans treatment typically include:

  • c. albicans and candida albicans treatmentcandida albicans diet – avoiding foods that overfeed candida or weaken your immune system; consuming foods & remedies that help your body to naturally balance the overgrowth
  • Anti-candida supplements in order to balance the candida albicans overgrowth in your body, along with key nutrients to help your body recover and heal
  • Topical skin creams to ease skin discomforts such as yeast infection rash, eczema, itchy skin
  • Topical nail creams to help with the nail and toenail infections
Common candida albicans Issues that require special attention

These common candida albicans symptoms and issues below can appear on their own or with additional symptoms. As a result, many mistakes are made in the diagnosis and treatment leading to many challenges in the candida albicans cure. These unnecessary discomforts can be easily avoided by becoming aware to these symptoms and how they are all connected to the candida albicans overgrowth.

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