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The Living Vitality Salad™

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Simply delicious, energetic, light but satisfying, with a fantastic nutritional profile  – and less then 5 minutes to make. You will feel the power and life force of raw live enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and other important nutrients, all in a form that is very easy for the body to absorb and assimilate.
This salad is a great choice to eat between meals or anytime during the day.
Many people report feeling much more energetic and happy after adding this salad to their diet.

For best results use only organic fresh & raw ingredients

The Living Salad

  • 2-4 cups of one of the following sprouts : sunflower (best tasting in our opinion), alfalfa or broccoli
  • 1-2 cups of fine chopped raw red/green cabbage
  • 2-6 raw wild/organic dulse leafs

The Vitality Secret™ Dressing

  • fresh squeezed organic lemon/lime juice
  • himalayan pink salt
  • ground cayenne

The Wrap

  • 2-4 Raw organic nori sheets

The Secret is in the Preparation

  1. Mix the lemon juice with the dulse using a spoon. This will make it soft and very easy to mix.
  2. When the dulse becomes soft, add the chopped cabbage, and massage the cabbage with your hands until it becomes soft. This releases sugars from the cabbage, opens up its flavor and make it easier to digest.
    We recommend using gloves, or putting your hand in a ziploc bag (which we found to be surprisingly effective)
  3. Add the the sprouts and continue to  massage until they become soft as well (much quicker than the cabbage)
  4. Make sure the sprouts and especially the cabbage will all get moist from the dressing when you mix
  5. As you mix, tear the dulse leafs to small pieces and mix well
  6. Taste and add more lemon until taste start to feel “lemony”, then add a little salt to balance
  7. Keep mixing adding lemon juice and salt as needed
  8. Finish by adding ground cayenne per your “hot” preference, keep mixing adding lemon juice and salt as needed
  9. Make the nori wrap moist on one side (the side you are using to put the salad on), add the salad, and wait for 2 min. Making the nori sheet moist using the dressing enhances its flavor dramatically…
  10. Roll the wrap and…enjoy !

A word about variation 

This is a very versatile recipe, we encourage you to experiment with it due to its great health benefits and flavor enhancements nature using almost any salads combination.
Please share with us your ideas!

Based on your feedback (thank you all), the vitality secret dressing works so well, that:

  • many of you like to add it to the sprouts without the cabbage and wrap with the nori sheet (much quicker!)
  • use the dressing with only the cabbage or to other salads and wrap with the nori sheet
  • tear the nori sheets and mix it with the salad as well


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