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Oxy Powder Review : Best Uses, Benefits, Side Effects & Risks

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In this oxy powder review, we did what we typically do when we review products and protocols: we first evaluate if the product is even necessary and only then analyze whether or not it is beneficial, what are the risks, when and when not to use it, and how to use it correctly.

Reading our oxypowder review may take 5 minutes of your time, but you want to make sure you know all the facts before putting it into your body.

Table of Content

1Colon Cleansing
2Oxy powder and Candida
3 – How Oxygen Colon Cleanse Works
4 – What is Oxy Powder
5 – Our Experience with Oxy powder
6When to use & not to oxy powder
7 – Oxy powder Ingredients
8Oxy powder Reviews
9 – FAQ

Is Colon Cleansing Really Needed ?

When it comes to cleansing and detoxification, there is always one key question that needs to be asked – why doing it? isn’t our body capable of getting rid of toxins and waste by itself? The short answer is, yes, when the body is in an ideal state of health, it should be able to handle toxins and waste elimination naturally without any issues. (If you are dealing with candida or other health issues, please make sure to read the next section).
Time for a quick reality check – how many people are in an ideal state of health? How many people eat an ideal diet? How about the environment we live in, our daily exposure to toxins, the lifestyle stress, quality of foods and air we breathe and many other factors? Are all these ideal? we all know the answers to these… This is where cleansing and detoxification can provide some benefits, but there are many potential risks and factors to consider which we will discuss next.

Colon Cleansing and Candida

The most important step to do before starting any candida treatment is to optimize your digestive tract and toxins elimination functions; a constipated, congested or irritated colon is a breeding ground for candida and other pathogens. No matter what medication or supplements you may take, as long as your colon has waste buildup that can feed candida, candida will continue to grow and release its toxins in your digestive tract. This applies also to foods, even healthy foods that are on the candida diet food list; the waste buildup makes it difficult for the colon to move the foods you eat in a normal pace. As a result, the foods may stay longer in your digestive tract, get rotten, and become toxic.

This critical step is often overlooked, and is the main reason why many people can’t heal from their candida and yeast issues despite following very strict candida diet protocols. It is also the cause behind the healing crises and die off symptoms most people experience during the treatment; it just takes your body too much time to eliminate the dead yeast and its toxins. The longer these released toxins stay in your system, the more negative impact they may have on your body, causing many discomforts and in some cases even damage to vital organs.

Cleansing your colon also means that there will be less stored waste that can feed candida and other pathogens. This may also create an environment in your body that encourages friendly probiotic growth hence making probiotic supplements much more effective.
For this reason, it is highly recommended to take probiotics during the colon cleanse.
Oxy-powder is usually available together with probiotics as a colon cleansing kit.

  •  Remember: Having candida and yeast issues is a strong indication that the elimination function is not effective; otherwise, the body will be able to naturally eliminate the excess yeast overgrowth

For more info on our experience with oxy-powder for candida issues, please see:
chapter 5 – Our Experience with Oxy powder

How Oxygen Colon Cleanse Works

The idea of colon cleansing isn’t new. It has been practiced for centuries since the days of the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. It all comes down to the basic idea that the food we eat can get stuck in the digestive tract and rot; overtime this waste turns toxic and can lead to many digestion issues and other health problems. Cleansing your colon can help with this unhealthy situation by releasing the stored waste out of the body.

The importance of Oxygen to life is well known. We simply can’t live without it. Oxygen delivers an endless list of health benefits to the human body, including playing a key role in neutralizing and removing toxins from the body.
It is, one of nature’s most potent toxins cleanser.
An oxygen colon cleanse as its name suggests, uses oxygen in the digestive tract to loosen that toxic waste buildup.
It is a very straightforward concept: the consistency of this waste buildup is usually hard and sticky making it difficult for the body to get rid of it. The released oxygen softens this waste so that the body can flush it out more easily. This is done in a completely natural and gentle way, yet it has shown to be very effective and safe.

What is the best colon cleanse?

Fiber, Herbal and Laxatives Colon Cleansers

One common question many people ask is what the difference between oxygen colon cleansers to other colon cleansers which do not use oxygen. While all of these can cleanse the colon to some degree, oxygen colon cleansers work in a completely different way than fiber, herbal and laxatives cleansers:

  • Oxygen colon cleansers do not force your body to make a bowel movement. Instead they soften the waste buildup so the body can flush it out. This makes a huge difference since most herbal and laxatives cleanse the colon by forcing it to make a bowel movement. The problem with this approach is that it is not natural and overtime can cause a dependency. The risk of developing a dependency with this method of cleansing is widely known and is one of the main risks of using herbal or laxatives colon cleansers.
  • What about fiber colon cleansers? Fiber cleaners work by increasing the bulk of the stool, so that the bulkier stool can cleanse the colon as it passes through. Here is the problem: this increased bulk can also slow down digestion and cause constipation. Being constipated is the last thing you want during a cleanse, where the levels of the released toxins are expected to rise. This is a proven recipe for severe healing crises, die off symptoms and pure misery! In addition, many people experience allergy symptoms and sensitivities to the fiber materials used. It is much healthier and safer to get your daily recommended fiber from natural whole foods such as vegetables and fruits. Many of the negative fiber colon cleanse reviews are a result of one of these two issues.

Are Oxygen colon cleansers a better choice than fiber, herbal or laxatives cleansers ?

Oxygen Colon Cleanse – The Facts you Have to Know Before Starting

Oxygen colon cleanse is considered safer and more effective than fiber, herbal or laxatives colon cleansers and is the preferred choice of many natural health practitioners. Oxygen colon cleanse does not cause dependency and is very easy to use.

Based on the questions and oxy powder reviews we get, people do not always know what exactly to expect during the oxygen colon cleanse; we also find that health providers do not always remember to mention these:

  • What to expect during the oxygen colon cleanse – many people notice temporary “bubbly” bowel sounds; “I feel like there are bubbles inside my colon…is that OK?” Yes, bubbles are great ! This is exactly how the oxygen cleanse supposed to work, and these oxygen bubbles can dissolve the hard waste inside the colon.  Of course, when it is not mentioned, people don’t expect it and wonder whether this is fine.
    Another common thing to expect is temporary watery, gaseous stools. It is not diarrhea, but a byproduct of oxidation; the oxygen softens that hard waste, turning it into liquid or gas so it can be easily flushed out naturally by the body. This can be easily managed and is related to the serving size used. We’ll cover the proper way of using the oxygen colon cleanse in our “How to use oxy powder” section.
  • What needs to be done after the oxygen cleanse – a lot of the benefits you get from the oxygen colon cleanse occur days and weeks after the cleanse. With the toxic waste being cleared, your body has more energy and resources to perform better and to actually heal other areas which may have been neglected before. To take advantage of this progress, adopting a healthier diet is highly recommended. For many people the oxygen colon cleanse was the turning point that helped them with their first step on their journey to a better health. Something to consider.

What is Oxy Powder ?

In our practice, we have had many years of experience with the oxygen colon cleanse, including ongoing research for the best ways of using it to get the most benefits. Out of all the oxygen colon cleansers we reviewed and tested, Oxy-Powder has been our preferred choice for a very long time, for the following reasons:

  • Maturity – Oxy powder has been on the market since the late 90’s. That means that millions of people have already used it. It also means that there is plenty of data that is available, so we can analyze and learn about its effectiveness, safety and potential side effects. We are always eager to test new products and new brands, but this excitement and curiosity always come with the realization that it usually takes time until new products and brands reach their maturity stage. We prefer not to be the first guinea pigs.
  • Quality & Consistency – One problem we had in the past when we tested various oxygen colon cleansers was consistency: they didn’t perform the same every time. There were no changes in the formula (according to the label), the exact same protocol was followed, and we made sure to monitor every little detail. When we contacted the manufactures, it turned that there was a newer batch, but the formula was not supposed to be affected. In our testing, this inconsistent behavior of a product is enough to stop the testing and move to the next product on the list.
    In comparison, our results with oxy powder have been consistent. There were a few changes in the formula, but they were shown on the label, so we knew we had to re-test and possibly update our protocols. This can also be seen in the very positive oxy powder reviews we have been receiving over the years.
  • The Brand – A big part of our product testing includes reviewing the brand behind it. Many brands do not share their manufacturing procedures, do not have an informative website that can help if you want to learn more about their products, or have poor customer support. When we reviewed the brand behind oxy-powder (Global healing center GHC), we really liked their focus on products quality and purity, and their commitment to customer satisfaction. As a part of this commitment, Oxy-powder comes with a complete 180-day money back guarantee.

Our Experience with Oxy powder

As many of you know, oxygen colon cleanse with oxy-power is usually the first step in many of our cleansing protocols. We strongly believe the oxy powder cleanse is one of the key factors to our protocols high effectiveness and success, and especially to the low occurrences of die off symptoms during the cleanse.

oxy powder reviews for candida oxygen colon cleanse research

In a survey with 150 systemic candida patients, participants were asked on their die-off symptoms (herxheimer reaction) during the treatment and whether or not oxy-powder was used. As these results suggest, Oxy-Powder was found to be very effective in preventing and minimizing die off symptoms during the treatment.

As you can see from the survey results below, using oxy-powder was able to significantly reduce healing crises and die-off symptoms during the candida treatment. These results can be easily explained – when your colon is clean, the body can remove the toxins released by the dying candida, parasites or other pathogens quicker.

Most people who use Oxy-Powder report a sense of “great relief”, increased energy, higher clarity, clearer complexion and significantly better bowel movements and digestion, with many digestion issues such as constipation, bloating, body odor and gas greatly improved. These improvements are not surprising considering that the toxic waste weight may be 10-20 pounds and sometimes even more. When the body gets rid of such a burden, it has more energy and resources to perform better and to actually heal other areas which may have been neglected before. These improvements are very common and have mentioned in many of the oxy powder reviews we have received.

Please Note: Many people report seeing the presence of yeast and candida in stool, and in some cases with other parasites. This is not surprising – the waste buildup usually feed candida and other harmful organisms, so when it is removed from the body during the cleanse, they are flushed out as well. This is usually the point where people start to feel the “great relief” along with other improvements from the cleanse.

When to Use Oxy powder

oxy-powder may provide the most benefits in the following cases:

The Overnight Toxins Flush

lemon water oxy-powder for candida die offThis homemade colon cleanse is one of the most effective natural remedies to quickly and safely remove toxins from your body. It is ideal for:

To prepare this colon cleanse recipe:

  • Squeeze the juice of ½ organic lemon and add 1 teaspoon of organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar into 16 ounces of distilled water.
  • Drink before bedtime with 4-8 capsules of oxy-powder on an empty stomach away from any foods or other supplements.
  • Expect the next day to have a series of bowel movements with many of the toxins being eliminated. Most people feel a significant relief when these toxins are being flushed out.
    (If you have never taken oxy-powder before, start with 2 capsules and gradually increase if needed)

Before any detox, cleanse or candida program

The most important thing to do before starting any detox plan is to optimize your body’s natural toxins elimination function. If your colon is congested, constipated, or toxic, you may suffer from strong die-off symptoms. This is due to the delayed time it takes your body to eliminate the toxins released by the dying candida, parasites or other pathogens.

  •  Reminder: cleansing your colon also means that there will be less stored waste that can feed these pathogens. This may also create an environment in your body that encourages friendly probiotic growth hence making probiotic supplements much more effective. For this reason, it is highly recommended to take probiotics during the oxygen colon cleanse and it is usually available as a colon cleansing kit.

Standalone oxygen colon cleanse

Cleansing your colon can make a big difference in the way you feel. Many people find the oxy powder colon cleanse to be helpful in supporting healthy digestion functions. If you currently suffer from bloating, gas, occasional constipation, body odor or other digestion related issues, an oxy cleanse may help you with these discomforts.

Natural medicine cabinet item

The following “incidents” may happen to all of us, even to the most strict hardcore dieters! overeating or eating bad/spoiled foods do happen more than we want to admit, and when they do, they usually come with many discomforts. This is where a 1-2 days of oxy cleanse might be a very beneficial natural colon flush, especially if you have already done the full cleanse in the past, so you know the serving size that worked for you and what to expect.
Something to keep in mind about overeating – “Oxy power” may indeed be a great home remedy in these cases and can help, but do not make it a habit!

When NOT to Use Oxy-powder

Oxy powder weight loss connection: the purpose of a natural colon cleanse is to cleanse your colon from toxins and stored waste and NOT to lose weight. We are aware that many oxy powder reviews mention weight loss with even reduced inches from the midsection. It is true that many people do experience weight loss during the initial colon cleanse. This, however, is due to the stored waste being flushed out of the body, and not due to fat loss.
Colon cleanse products are NOT designed for weight loss.

Oxy powder Ingredients Analysis

Oxy powder active ingredients : The time-releasing oxygen capabilities of oxy-powder is due to 2 active ingredients that work in synergy together:

oxy powder reviews oxy powder ingredients Ozonated Magnesium Oxides: Ozonated magnesium is responsible for the oxygen releasing properties of oxy-powder. It is capable of releasing oxygen into the digestive tract to support your digestive health. Oxy-Powder formula delivers the oxygen into your body using a time-released mechanism that can stay active in your digestive tract for up to 18-hours.
Please note – The oxide form of magnesium used in oxy powder acts as a vehicle for transporting the oxygen throughout the body and is not designed to be used as a magnesium supplement.

Natural Citric Acid: citric acid was added to oxy powder formula as a catalyst, working in synergy with the Ozonated magnesium. The form of citric acid used is 100% natural and non-GMO.

Oxy powder other ingredients : Organic acacia gum and Kosher certified vegetarian capsules.
Oxy powder ingredients purity and effectiveness are specifically guaranteed by the manufacturer, and are committed to be 100% vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO.
As many of you know, this is where a lot products rise or fall: In many products, toxic fillers and binders are often added to reduce manufacturing costs, make ingredients bind together or look/taste better. Lubrication substances are commonly used to prevent herbs and powders from getting stuck to the machines. Yikes! Not only our bodies do not need these, they can cause health issues and even cancer.

Oxy powder side effects

Oxy powder side effects are quite minimal and it is considered very safe and gentle. Based on the oxy powder reviews we get, some people experience temporary watery or gaseous stools with “bubbly” bowel sounds. These “bubbles” are caused by the released oxygen in the colon, that can turn the hard toxic fecal matter and waste into liquid or gas. This makes it easier for the body to flush these stored toxins out of the body. A small number of oxy powder reviews also report mild healing crises and die off symptoms from the released toxins, which are cleared as soon as the toxins are expelled from the body. This is usually the point where people start to feel the improvements from the cleanse. Based on our experience with oxy powder, these side effects can be easily avoided or minimized as long as you follow the dosing directions (see below). In fact, taking oxy powder before a cleanse as shown on the survey results, is one of the best ways to avoid or minimize die off symptoms during the cleanse.

How to Use Oxy powder

Oxy-Powder should be taken away from foods or other supplements on an empty stomach before bedtime. If you take medication, consult with your health provider prior to using oxy-powder or in fact prior to using any additional supplement or medication.

Oxy dosage protocol should always start using the lowest serving size (we recommend to start with 1 capsule), so you can assess your body’s response and gradually increase the dosage if needed. How do you know if you need to increase the dosage? If you have less than 3 bowel movements the following day, increase your serving size by 1 capsule each night until 3 movements are achieved. Once you found the serving size that works for you, continue with this quantity for the following 5 days.

Please note – Some people only need 2-4 capsules a day while others may need up to 10 capsules. Your current diet, body and state of health can all contribute to the exact dosage that may be required. It is also advised to drink enough water (spring or purified) during the cleanse to support the enhanced removal of toxins and waste.

Oxy Powder & Probiotics

Cleansing your colon create an environment in your body that can encourage friendly microorganisms growth (probiotic), hence making probiotic supplements much more effective. For this reason, we highly recommend to include probiotic supplements as a part of your oxygen colon cleanse.

Oxy powder reviews

In our practice, we have had a very long and successful experience with oxy-powder as a part of our different cleansing protocols. Many people start to notice improvements within a week, which usually include increased energy, higher clarity, clearer skin and significantly better bowel movements and digestion. A lot of the oxy powder reviews we get describe major improvements in digestion issues such as constipation, bloating, gas and body odor.
People also notice temporary watery or gaseous stools with “bubbly” bowel sounds. Since we always emphasize on education in order for people to know what to expect, most people that followed our protocols didn’t see these as a problem.

Oxy Powder Reviews FAQ

Does Oxy powder cause diarrhea ?

The released oxygen by the oxypowder formula turns the solid hard toxic fecal matter and waste in the digestive tract into liquid or gas, so they can be easily flushed out naturally by the body. This can cause watery, gaseous stools. It is not clinical diarrhea, but a byproduct of oxidation.
Based on our experience and the oxy powder reviews we get, this can be well managed by adjusting the serving size of oxy powder.

Where to buy oxy powder

Our general recommendation is to get it on the manufacturer web site global healing center (GHC), to make sure you get the authentic ghc oxy powder, the most updated formula, as well as global healing center oxy powder 180-day money back guarantee.

Can I use oxy powder as a source of magnesium ?

Oxy powder is not designed to be used as a magnesium supplement. The oxide form of magnesium used in oxy powder acts as a vehicle for transporting the oxygen throughout the body. In its oxide form, very little dietary magnesium is assimilated by the body.

What is Oxy powder used for?

Oxy powder is a natural oxygen colon cleanser used to cleanse the entire digestive tract by releasing oxygen. Oxy powder may provide the most benefits when used for:

  • occasional constipation or digestion issues such as gas, bloating
  • prevent or manage die-off symptoms and healing crises
  • get rid of accumulated toxins in the body
  • standalone natural colon flush or colon cleanse

Based on our experience and the many oxy powder reviews and feedback we get, a lot of the benefits from using oxy powder occur days and weeks after the cleanse. With the toxic waste being cleared, the body has more energy to perform better and to actually heal other areas which may have been neglected before.

What is the best colon cleanser to use?

Using oxygen to cleanse the colon is considered safer and more effective than fiber, herbal or laxatives colon cleansers, and is the preferred choice of many natural health practitioners.
In our practice, we have had many years of experience with the oxygen colon cleanse as a part of our cleansing protocols, including ongoing research for the best ways of using it to get the most benefits. Oxy powder has been our preferred choice for a natural oxygen intestinal cleanse. Oxy powder does not cause dependency and is very easy to use.

  • Do you you have more questions on our experts oxy powder reviews or want us to review another supplement? Let us know
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