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TestimonialsCandida Free After 20 Years

By Bri, CO, Oct 2018
I am not a person who normally writes reviews.
20 years I have had yeast infections on and off. Doctor visits, drugs, creams, supplements, diets. Tried it all, it always came back. I am terrified just to think how much money I spent. Three month ago, I read your candida diet guide. It made me wonder about my love to combine many different foods together. So I took your advice and made things simple. The first few days were hard, I had to get used to the taste of eating very few ingredients each time. By the second day, I noticed much less bloating. That gave me hope that maybe there’s something to it. A week later, my skin peeling on the face was gone after 20 years without using any cream. A month later, my entire body changed. I now look better at 57 than when I was in my 30s. Thank you.

TestimonialsI feel Pretty!!!!

By Jen, CA, June 2018
2 weeks into the protocol, I already feel and see amazing changes. I am over 70 and the way my skin is looking now compared to 2 weeks ago is unbelievable. My energy levels are through the roof. I wish I knew about this “heal with knowledge” years before. My only suggestion is to make your guides shorter. The information is very helpful, but takes a long time to read. Also please make your book in hard copy too. I don’t mind paying for it. Thanks again. 

TestimonialsBest doctor checkup ever!

By Phil, MA, July 2017
Reading the info on your website made a lot of sense. The elimination diet you suggested together with the enzymes and probiotics made my digestion and health improved dramatically. I normally don’t write reviews, but I just had my annual checkup, and my doctor was very impressed. This is the first time in over ten years that all my tests are completely normal. I shared with my doctor my diet and supplements and he said if more people would eat this way, he will be out of job. 

testimonialsAmazing ebook

By Dana & Kevin, HI, May 2017
To the wonderful people behind this wonderful website. Our home library has at least 20 different health books. 6 of them are about candida. They didn’t help us to get rid of candida. We went to naturopaths, doctors, we did candida cleanses, liver flushes, we got drugs that made us feel horrible and didn’t help much either. Then, we came across your website got your ebook and in the 6th page we saw it. Antifungals are not always needed. That was the first time we heard it. Reading more, both of us read about your candida diet and decided to eliminate all grains and replaced them with fresh fruits for breakfast, and nuts with greens at dinner. We were told fruits were not allowed by everyone else, but what you wrote about how we should eat the fruits made sense. We continued with your plan, and after 2 weeks we had almost no signs of candida left. Nothing! The skin rash I had for more than 10 years was completely gone! We can’t express how happy and grateful we are.
Mahalo and have a wonderful day
Dana & Kevin

TestimonialsLess is More!

By J.R, GA, April 2017
Both my wife and I have been dealing with candida for many years. We have been eating healthy but as hardcore foodies, we enjoy a large variety of fine foods. After reading the candida diet lesson and your ebook, both of us decided to give it a try. The initial diet we started (thank you Amanda for your help, we can’t really thank you enough) looked very healthy and tasty, although we were concerned with the low amount of calories. To our surprise, we had more energy than before! despite eating way less. To our surprise, this energy lasted all day long, we were able to function better at work, drink less coffee, and even lost stubborn body fat. Counting calories doesn’t tell the full story. We share our story with everyone. Thank you!

TestimonialsFeeling Great Again

By Jan, FL, Feb 2017
Your website was the first candida website that I read that explained that people can have a reaction to healthy foods as well. In my case tomatoes and spicy peppers. This has been the first winter in many years that I didn’t catch any flu or cold. Diet was dialed in, exactly like your guide. The candida plan was easy to follow, and my candida went away after 2 weeks. I have much more energy. Thank you.

TestimonialsYour Book

By Brian, NJ, Dec 2016
I have been sick with candida for many years, and after 2 weeks on your protocol, I already feel a huge difference. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge. Your book is the first candida book I read that helped me. It is life changing. Keep doing such a great job and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

TestimonialsIts Working

By Sarah, IL, Oct 2016
I wanted to thank you for making these wonderful guides available. I was surprised to read that it is OK to eat fruits while on the diet, but so far it has worked for me. I didn’t know that you can only eat fruits on an empty stomach. All of the recipes I saw always mix fruits with nuts, seeds, yogurt or oats for breakfast.
I don’t feel irritated or tired after eating, and one apple get me going until lunch. The bloating went away and the big salad recipe for dinner is delicious and very fulfilling. My mood swings are much better as well. The one comment I have – will be great if you can add more quick recipes that are easy to make like the big salad. I am going to be brave and try to make your detox chocolate this weekend. Can’t wait!

TestimonialsOne Tip – New Life

By Dan, NY, Aug 2016
After reading all these positive reviews, I thought to give your protocol a shot. I knew my diet was not good but I didn’t know what exactly to eat either, so I have always found myself going back to my old ways.
Your explanation on how overeating and food sensitivities can create issues with candida made me figure it all out! I was eating too much “healthy” foods that my body couldn’t digest and that I didn’t even enjoy!!!! So, I decided to make things simple
(thank you so much Amanda for your help). I did the colon cleanse and started to eat very simple clean whole foods that made me feel good, even fresh fruits!!! It is easy – if it doesn’t feel or taste good, I don’t eat it. If I am not hungry, I don’t eat. I ended up eating way less calories and noticed I had sensitivities to many foods which I used to eat a lot in the past. Just like you wrote. After 3 days I woke up with this huge surge of energy and happiness. I felt so happy!!! I renewed my gym membership last week and since then been going every day. No bloating, no rashes and no brain fog. Now my wife is on the plan as well. Thank you for sharing this information with us. 

TestimonialsFeeling much better

By Chris, GA, July 2016
Your article about candida diet was my wake up call. Taking pills and shakes are not substitute to real whole foods and they will not heal my candida issues. I started to include the foods you recommended 2 weeks ago and I already see a big change with my energy, digestion and focus. My thrush is almost gone. Thank you. 

testimonialsValuable Knowledge

By Mandy, CA, June 2016
I have found the information on your website to be very valuable. It allows me to understand what I am doing and I am able to make my own diet plan. I am much more aware of how my body reacts to different meals. Since I started your program my digestion has gotten much better, I have way more energy, I lost a lot of fat and I don’t have yeast infections anymore. When I go out I know what to eat to stay safe which is a huge thing for me because I do a lot of traveling. Your happy detox chocolate and cauliflower rice recipes are amazing. I wish you would put more recipes and examples like that. Thanks again.

TestimonialsHealing Crises Miracle

By Jamie, PA, June 2016
I had a terrible healing crises from the candida cleanse I got at wholefoods and I wasn’t sure what to do, I felt so bad with fever and anxiety. I was looking online and read your suggestion for the overnight flush. I will always remember the morning after the flush – I woke up, went to the bathroom and the stuff that came out of me was so disgusting I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Thank god Amanda replied to my email fast said it was normal and that I should be feeling better soon. I actually felt much better in the afternoon. I am now working on changing my diet and I already feel a difference. Will keep you posted.

TestimonialsLife Changing

By Andrea, WA, May 2016
I want to express my appreciation to this wonderful website. In addition to candida, I also have arthritis and I had to take anti-inflammatory drugs for the pain. When I read your anti inflammation protocol I became very angry because my doctor didn’t tell me about the risks. A week and a half after I started your protocol, I had almost no pain, and to my surprise my candida was getting better as well! If that wasn’t enough, after reading your post about common vitamins deficiencies, I asked my doctor to also check for vitamin D and my levels were very low! He didn’t tell me about the risks for hip fracture either. I feel much better, and I am much more active. I don’t take any pain medication for my pain. This is a true life changing!!! Thank you!


By Tim, TX, May 2016
Very good articles, lots of good knowledge. I learned many things I didn’t know about diet and supplements. I started the recommended supplements protocol a few weeks ago and I am already at a point I don’t think I need them anymore. The overnight flush is amazing, I was totally against it at first, but after I saw candida in my stool, I learned to appreciate it.

TestimonialsSmart Recipes

By Samantha, MO April 2016
Thank you very much, I didn’t know I could eat fruits on the candida diet, that really helped with my energy levels and cravings for sweets. Adding the coconut butter in your recipes is really smart, you get the energy without the carbs and I really like the taste. I am feeling much better. Thank you!

TestimonialsWorks but this ain’t no picnic

By Roberta, KT March 2016
I rarely write reviews, but this has been a great experience which I will be happy to share. I am 32, single mom and I have recently learned from my doctor that I have candida. My main problems were high blood sugar levels, strong cravings for sweets, skin and nail infections. I didn’t want to take insulin and candida medication, so I did a good amount of research for natural alternatives. Your holistic approach that the body can heal itself was the thing that got me interested. I have been doing your complete program for the last 6 weeks – my candida is not an issue anymore, my blood sugar levels are good, skin is almost completely clear, nails are getting better. I don’t have cravings anymore. The diet is the hardest part, you go out and you can’t drink and have to eat very healthy. This is just too much at time. The quote that keeps me going in your  candida diet lesson is “Bad eating habits are very common these days. This is one of the reasons why 7 out of 10 people have candida and yeast issues. It is your choice whether to be in this group…or join the other more healthy group”. I don’t want to be in the candida group anymore 🙂


By D.J P, NYC Feb 2016
This is amazing, please feel free to publish my testimonial as you wish. My story is kind of typical, I got candida after years of neglecting my health, became overweight, depressed, etc. When I turned 40, I decided to lose weight and be healthy, and I was doing great, I lost 100 pounds in 6 months! The problem was that my candida was not getting much better. I had vaginal yeast infections, burning and bad gas and digestion problems. The situation became a big problem when I got pneumonia and had to take antibiotics for a month. Then my candida became much worse and I couldn’t even workout. Thank god I found your website, I did the symptom test and my score was 1350! so I followed the protocol, removed all the dairy and grains from my diet. 2 nights on the overnight flush, I started to feel good, I just knew I was on the right track. In 3 weeks, I lost 12 pounds, my breathing became much better and I had almost no symptoms. Speaking with Amanda, she suggested of me doing the test again, my score was 350! I continued with the protocol for a few more weeks, and now I have no symptoms at all! Thank you!!!!!

testimonialsCandida healed, Lesson Learned

By Amy, GA Jan 2016
I used to have candida for many years. I became very sick to a point that everything was setting me off. I barely left my house. Every time I tried to treat candida I had such a strong reaction I had to stop. A friend introduced me to your candida die off guide and I could recognized many mistakes I was making which was a true eye opener for me. I did get your protocol and indeed my symptoms were getting better. Now I don’t have candida issues thanks to you. Your information helped me to heal and for that, I can not thank you enough. Since you ask for feedback, I wish you would have more recipes and diet examples. Also, I wish you would also write a summary guide, it took me a long time to read your entire guide.

testimonialsLife Changing

By Melanie, NY Jan 2016
I wanted to say that the information on your website has healed me from a very bad case of systemic candida that more than 10 doctors could not help me with. After many years of antibiotics, I became very sick. I tried many candida programs but nothing worked. I came across your website, and really liked your holistic approach that the body can heal candida by itself when it is healthy and if it doesn’t we need to find out why. I started with the colon cleanse, probiotics and enzymes, and also changed my diet. Like you said – I discovered I was allergic to many healthy foods I was eating. After 4 days I started to feel really good. My brain fog was gone and I had more energy. After a week, all my coworkers complemented my complexion. I completed your entire protocol and I am proud to say, my candida is gone and I have been performing better in almost every aspect in my life. Special thank you to Amanda for being so patient with all my questions. (:

TestimonialsBye Bye Candida

By Simple Man, FL Dec 2015
You guys were spot on when you said that fruits on an empty stomach are much better than grains, and to take veganzyme with the meals. I changed my diet based on your candida diet guidelines and my candida went away very quickly. I also took a big trash bag and put there all the useless supplements I got from amazon for candida. 

TestimonialsHappy Chocolate Miracle

By Rita,TX Dec 2015
My trainer had me try the happy chocolate and I could not believe it, I am 65 years young, with problems getting myself motivated. I took it before my morning session, and instead of the normal lazy 25 minutes on the treadmill, I did 45 minutes on all the different cardio machines and I felt so good I could not stop smiling!!!

TestimonialsHappy Detox Chocolate Recipe

By Sandy, Dec 2015
Your happy detox chocolate recipe changed my life! I read that it was great for brain fog and mood and that it was also safe for candida, saw it was easy to make, so I made a few batches for my husband, our grandchildren and myself. Everybody loved it!!! I felt such happiness and after a very long time, I went outside for a long walk, played the piano and cleaned the entire house. So much energy!!!! Since then we make a new batch every weekend.

TestimonialsColon Cleanse

By Greg, LA, Oct 2015
I was very skeptic that I even had candida, didn’t know guys have it too. My gf convinced me to do your overnight toxic flush together, and both of us passed dead candida in the morning! Fast forward, 2 weeks later and my energy levels are through the roof. I also changed my diet to the candida diet in your book. Awesome! Keep up with the great work.

TestimonialsCandida Diet is Great, Need More Recipes

By Jo-Ann, Paris, Sep 2015
Your candida diet lesson is great and helped us to fix healthy meals by ourselves, no need to buy any books or special foods and we all feel great and healthy. I healed from my candida just by changing my diet. I even made some of your suggestions for my parents and they love it too. What is missing is more recipes. Please add more. 

TestimonialsNo Antifungals

By Dan, NY, Aug 2015
Just want to say thank you for the information on your website, it made me feel so much better. I used to take candida clear that made me feel really bad, but didn’t help with my symptoms which were bloating, allergies and skin fungus. Your suggestion to stop taking antifungal supplements and first do the oxy cleaning made all the difference. 

TestimonialsVegan Diet

By Shawn, NY, July 2015
I have been vegan for the last 2 years. After 3-4 months I started to get bloated and tired after drinking my morning smoothies which had organic fruits, greens and bunch of raw seeds. Everybody on the vegan community including all the experts was telling me it was just a phase and a healing reaction from candida. Reading your diet lesson, I learned that the point you were making that everyone is different and we should listen to our bodies may be my problem. I also read in your book about the food combination and that you should not mix fruits with fats. So the next day I got up and instead of making my big smoothie, I separated the ingredients, and ate them one at a time like you suggested. OMG! I found out that I was allergic to Kiwi, pineapple, broccoli, spinach, flax seeds, chia seeds and even my vegan protein powder! So I started to clean my diet and after a few weeks I had no allergies and I started to get this amazing clarity and energy, and even lost these love handles I have had since I got married. I now share these tips with everybody! Thank you!


By Tammy, CA, July 2015
Took me quite some time to figure out that the cause of my candida issues was antibiotics and bad diet, but even after I stopped taking antibiotics, my candida didn’t go. After doing the colon cleansing and the diet in your protocol I could feel that something positive was going on, 4 weeks later I was completely healed. Pretty amazing! You guys are right, knowledge heals! 

TestimonialsCandida Healed!!!

By Sheryl, TX, June 2015
After a long painful battle with Candida, 20 years if not my entire adult life, I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I was making too many mistakes, and had tons of die-off symptoms, but I wasn’t getting better. I was putting all my hopes on anti fungals products, BIG MISTAKE! my biggest problem was that I was constipated, had bad food combination and I did anti candida diets that made my digestion and constipation worse and left me with no energy. I made too many changes all at once. My big aha moment was your candida diet lesson, I was shocked to read all the mistakes I was making in your lesson, one mistake after another, like you knew me… Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart, I will be turning 60 soon, and I have never looked and felt better in my entire life.