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This 5 minutes self test is designed to:
  • compare your symptoms against common candida die off symptoms
  • calculate your estimated candida toxicity levels
Select the symptoms you are experiencing:
Headache, migraine
Brain fog and other mind-balance issues such as difficulties to concentrate, mental confusion
Diarrhea or digestion issues such as bloating, gas, stomach pain
Nervousness mood swings, depression and anxiety
Elevated heart rate
Excessive sweating
Rash, itching, itchy skin, fungal infection, skin infection, breakouts and other skin issues 
Swollen glands
Increased heartburn, and acid reflux issues
Lack of appetite or uncontrolled cravings to certain foods, especially cravings for sweets
Food sensitivities
Sore throat, dry mouth 
Breathing issues, congestion, sinus or respiratory problems
Body odor
Fever, flu like symptoms
Muscle, joint, body pain

How strong are your symptoms?

Easy to manage
Mild discomfort