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Phycocyanin is the natural pigment-protein found in edible blue-green algae such as Spirulina. Similar to the way chlorophyll gives plants their green color, Phycocyanin is the pigment that gives blue-green algae their distinct bluish color.
Phycocyanin is a very powerful immune system booster that is well known for its remarkable anti inflammation and antioxidant properties. According to research, Phycocyanin is a very potent natural COX-2 inhibitor. COX-2 is the key enzyme that is responsible for inflammation and pain in the body, and unlike pain killers and anti inflammatory drugs that artificially block this enzyme in order to treat inflammation and have many potential health risks, Phycocyanin reduces the inflammation in a completely natural and safe way.
Why this is so important ? Chronic inflammation has been directly linked to low and weak immune system. Furthermore, research has shown chronic inflammation may be the root cause of autoimmune disorders and serious health conditions such as cancer, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome), asthma, diabetes, alzheimer and many others.

Who Should Use Phycocyanin

If you suffer from chronic inflammation issues, or have inflammation related symptoms such as: joints or muscles pain, re-occurring injuries, general body pain, fatigue, allergies, premature aging, low immune system function, or autoimmune disorders, Phycocyanin is a very effective and natural way to reduce the inflammation, improve your immune system and they way you feel.

When it comes to Phycocyanin supplements, there are 2 important factors to consider: the phycocyanin levels should be at least 30% to make sure you are getting sufficient levels of pure phycocyanin. The color of the product should be distinct vibrant blue as shown in the picture.
The second factor, which is true for all algae products, is that it should come from a well known and trusted algae authority that guarantees the product high potency and purity.
Our favorite Phycocyanin products is Blue Majik by E3Live for its high potency, purity and E3Live’s known reputation as the world’s leading algae experts. Most people who use Blue Majik report significant reduction in pain and inflammation symptoms, especially in joints and muscles as well as  allergies, headaches and migraines relief. In fact, E3Live are so confident about the potency of their Blue Majik, that they offers 1 year money back guarantee.

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